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From: Friday, May 3, 2013 11:38 AM -0400
Subject:Autism Awareness in Summit Schools

During the month of April, Summit schools celebrated autism awareness. Together, we raised over $1,000 for Autism New Jersey, a nonprofit agency committed to ensuring safe and fulfilling lives for individuals with autism, their families, and the professionals who support them.
Here's a peak at all of our autism awareness events!

These events were made possible with the support and service of the following people
Stacey Dinburg: Behaviorist and District Coordinator
Ron Poles: Jefferson School Principal
Jessica Cuskie: Jefferson School ABA teacher
Rachel Wohl: Behaviorist
Kerianne Skobo: Jefferson School ABA teacher
Matt Block: LCJSMS Principal
Dr. Jane Kachmar-Desonne: Director of special services
Jefferson School ABA classrooms
Wilson Primary ABA classrooms
Jefferson Primary ABA classroom
LCJSMS LLD classroom
Ashley Dias: Art teacher
Aimee Schwartz: School Psychologist Intern
The family of Zachary Brooks and Dr. Cheryl Moretz

Jefferson School and Jefferson Primary Center decked the hallways in autism awareness art throughout the month of April.

ABA instructional aide Jason DeMaria stands by his classrooms hallway decoration.

At Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School the main bulletin board displayed autism facts and information about upcoming events.

5213_34737_0.jpgThe 5th grade buddies at Jefferson decorated autism awareness T-shirts with students in the ABA classes. On April 9th, 2013 everyone wore the shirts to show their support.

Ashley Dias instructed a Zumba for Autism class offered to staff members.  
Staff worked out together while supporting a good cause.

Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School dedicated 4 spirit days to raise Autism Awareness.  Students and staff wore the colors of the Autism ribbon
to display their support.

Stacey Dinburg provided district staff with a weekly electronic newsletter, which included facts about autism, news articles, and information about district events.  
Schools such as Brayton and LCJSMS made weekly announcement about autism to raise building acceptance and awareness.

Jefferson school hosted a blue bake sale afterschool to support autism.

Zachary Brooks a fifth grader at Brayton School came to the middle school to make a special announcement to the students of LCJSMS. He spoke about his twin brother who has autism and the importance of acceptance.

Throughout the district staff and students wore the color blue to support autism awareness month on April 9th!  

Autism items including handmade puzzle piece ribbons made by the Summit ABA staff were sold district wide during the month of April. The board of education wore the ribbons during an April meeting to show their support.

At the end of April Jefferson School held an autism awareness assembly. Teachers Jessica Cuskie and Kerianne Skobo lead the assembly. Students and staff watched a slide show created by Rachel Wohl and Jessica Cuskie of all of the autism awareness events.