Welcome to the Summit Public Schools
Special Education Department
The Department of Special Services provides quality educational services to students who are educationally disabled and have special needs. Services are designed to provide learning in the “least restrictive environment” and include a variety of placement options such as regular class placement with support, resource centers, self-contained programs, and specialized placements. The department staff is comprised of more than 50 highly skilled professionals who deliver the specific educational services as specified in carefully developed IEP’s (Individual Educational Plans) for more than 450 special education students.

Specialized services and placements are available to students to meet their individual needs. Program offerings are continually assessed to meet students' changing needs. Programs and services are provided to facilitate inclusion in the general education classroom to the fullest extent possible. In-class support resource centers are considered for this purpose and are in place in all grades and schools

Intervention and Referral Services
Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) is available in every school to assess students who have social, emotional, or educational needs. Students thought to be in need of these services may be referred to I&RS. Referrals to I&RS may be initiated by contacting the building principal, guidance counselor, teacher, or the office of Special Education Services.

Referral for Special Education Services
A parent or guardian of a child in the district may request a referral to the Child Study Team by contacting the building principal or by writing to the Director of Special Services.