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K-5 Curriculum

Grade Level Curriculum Documents


English/Language Arts

The building blocks of the English Language Arts—phonics, reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar—are the means through which people learn to communicate with one another and, indeed, the world at large. These facets of communication allow us to receive information, to respond to it by applying both logical and creative thought, and to express our ideas in many varied formats, including verbal, nonverbal, and written forms. Literacy, as defined by the State of New Jersey Department of Education, is “. . . a way to acquire knowledge for thinking and communicating; it is more than the acquisition of a specific, predetermined set of skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Literacy is also recognizing and understanding one’s own purposes for thinking and communicating (through print or non-print, verbal or nonverbal means) and being able to use one’s own resources to achieve those purposes.”

Within our curriculum documents, the areas of reading, writing, foundational skills, speaking, listening, and grammar are addressed at each grade level, meeting the standards set forth by the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Because the English Language Arts are so highly integrated and interdependent, a balanced approach to instruction is therefore required. Characteristically, the development of literacy skills requires a spiraled curriculum where concepts are introduced, developed, and reinforced. Once introduced, most skills are repeatedly revisited within that grade level. They are reinforced in successive grade levels with increasing rigor and in greater depth.


Kindergarten ReadingKindergarten Writing

Grade 1 ReadingGrade 1 Writing

Grade 2 ReadingGrade 2 Writing

Grade 3 ReadingGrade 3 Writing

Grade 4 ReadingGrade 4 Writing

Grade 5 ReadingGrade 5 Writing

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