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Program of Studies

New for 2016-2017

Photojournalism (formerly Media Mania)

This one-marking period course is designed for students interested in learning about photojournalism as a means of communication and its impact on today’s digital society. Photojournalism is the practice of creating an honest and impartial visual representation of a newsworthy event with several dynamic photographs that employ images to tell the story of that event. Social media has raised digital photography to a level that stresses the importance of being able to evaluate and decipher the message of images presented to an audience. Through new advances in technology, individuals, not just news outlets, are able to manipulate, reproduce and transmit images for a specific purpose and audience (citizen journalism). It is important for students to be able to not only access photos from reputable sources, but also to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the intended message. These are essential skills to promote digital citizenship and master 21st Century learning skills. This course will explore the history of photojournalism, the legal and ethical responsibilities of the photographer, as well as the social and emotional impact of photos to tell a story. Students will also receive basic instruction of camera use and effective photography techniques. In understanding the power of digital photography, individuals will choose to tell their own story through a portfolio or other forms of visual storytelling (including social media) and receive an appropriate critique of the media.

Computer Applications

Before students will have the opportunity to learn how to use appropriate educational technology systems and understand their inner workings, students will take time to examine their own digital footprint and analyze their behavior in terms of digital media. Students will critique media and technology systems, as well as the manner in which we act and behave, both responsibly and intelligently, in a digital world. In addition to studying our influences of technology and digital media, students will also begin to examine technology systems in detail and learn how to use them responsibly. These tools include Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office Suite. Once students gain knowledge and insight into basic technology tools and how best to use them in education and beyond, students will begin to dig deeper and gain an understanding about how these technology tools actually work and the science behind their design. Students will have the opportunity to explore modules in coding, computer programming, and many other facets contained in STEAM projects and standards.

Digital Newsroom

This nine-week cycle course introduces the students to the digitalization of our world and its impact through the guise of news media. The digital presentation of every part of our lives builds the need to provide students with guidance in reading, reviewing, and publishing news on the internet. Digital journalism is the focus for representing the basic principles of responsible digital learners. The students will engage in the process of gathering factual information, organizing their ideas, formatting their writing, and editing it for digital publication.

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