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Lincoln-Hubbard School

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Phone Number: (908) 273-1333 x6377


 IMPORTANT: All 5th grade students need a gallon milk or water jug and egg cartons for their culture unit, starting the week of December 2, 2013! They will be making Chinese Dragon masks! Please bring them in ASAP and if you are able to bring in multiples, that would be great!!

Schedule: Art classes meet once a week for 45 minutes.

Wednesday:8:30-9:18 - 3V                                        
                  9:18-10:05 - 5V                                                                                                                                       
                   12:39-1:26 - 2Y                                                             
                           1:26-2:13 - 1P
                           2:13-3:00 - 4K

Thursday: 8:30-9:18 - 3H
                     9:18-10:05 - 5S    
                    10:05-10:52 - 4P
                    10:52-11:39 - 3E
                    12:39-1:26 - 2EM
                      1:26-2:13 - 1N

Friday: 9:18-10:05 - 4M
               10:05-10:52 - 5H
               10:52-11:39 - 2A
               12:39-1:26 - 2E
               1:26-2:13 - 1K
                  2:13-3:00 - 4B

Art projects are kept in school till Open House. The reason for this is because during Open House I showcase all the fabulous work from September till May. After Open House all art projects are sent home. Thank you for your understanding!



During the course of the year, students will learn the following in Art:

- Different types of line and determine the linear edge of objects.

- Recognize, identify, and demonstrate knowledge of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, geometric, non-geometric, and positive/negative shape.

- Identify, categorize, and demonstrate the different principles of color.

- Recognize and simulate textures.

-Utilize the principles of unity, rhythm, reptition, balance, and contrast to produce a composition.

-Practice the handling of art materials and equipment.

-Learn about different artisit and cultures around the world.

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