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Do I have to do marching band if I sign up for band?
Yes,  Everyone that signs up for band or wind ensemble must do marching band.  The only exceptions to this are are football players for obvious reasons.  However, do not let that deter you from playing in band here at the high school.  Marching band is a fun and rewarding activity.  There is no bench, you perform in front of large appreciative crowds and you just might be able to march in the Medowlands.
What is the time commitment to marching band?
The marching band season runs from the end of August until late November or early December depending on the success of the team.  The band pretty much practices once a week on Thursday nights and on the Saturday's of home games.  A detailed schedule can be found on the marching band page.
When will I get my music?
Your music will be given to you in June before you leave school.
Can I do other activities like sports and Marching Band?
Yes, we work very hard to work with coaches and players to allow students to participate.  They will have to work a little harder to get to both activites.
How do I audition for Wind Ensemble
In early December we will put out music for the students to prepare for the audition which will be held in late January.

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