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Welcome to the

Fine, Performing, and Practical Arts

at Summit Public Schools

The Fine, Performing and Practical Arts Department is comprised of the Art, Music, Theater, Television Production, Technology Education and Family & Consumer Sciences programs at Summit Public Schools, and provides an enriched and meaningful arts experience for all levels of education and all students. The curriculum is designed to provide relevant, authentic, experiential learning opportunities that enable students to:

  • apply both imagination and rational thinking to the making of art;

  • understand the value of reflection and critical judgment in creative work;

  • present and perform art publicly, with confidence, pride, and distinction;

  • use artistic literacy as a natural enhancement to learning other subjects;

  • understand how world cultures have been historically influenced and shaped by the arts;

  • Engage in collaboration, teamwork, and leadership;

  • Develop media and technological fluency and literacy;

  • Successfully participate in post-secondary education and careers.

Through the arts, students can develop behaviors of sustained engagement, self-discipline, and persistence which can be applied to any subject and any aspect of life.

Please feel free to explore this page and reach out to me with any questions about the Arts at Summit Public Schools.

Karen Forgione, District Supervisor of Fine Performing and Practical Arts

Email: kforgione@summit.k12.nj.us

(908) 273-8856

K-12 Fine, Performing and Practical Arts Faculty