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Certified School Nurses Roles

The Role of the Certified School Nurse


A certified school nurse advocates for your child's health in school. Certified School Nurses (CSN) have the knowledge to navigate the educational system with minimal disruption to classroom learning and socialization.

The advanced education required to become certified blends the professions of nursing and education. CSNs are highly qualified to suggest and make accommodations to the learning process based on the child's health and needs. As a nursing specialty, CSNs are trained to educate school personnel to understand student health concerns, creating an environment where every student can succeed.

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The Duties and Responsibilities of the Certified School Nurse

  • Serves as coordinator of comprehensive health services
  • Delegates selected nursing tasks to other competent personnel and provides training and supervision of such
  • Coordinates and communicates health care information between students, staff, family and physician
  • Develops Individualized Health Care Plans and Emergency Care Plans for students with acute or chronic health problems
  • Counsels students, parents and staff regarding health department and psycho-social concerns
  • Provides health screenings as designated by state regulations, i.e. vision, hearing, blood pressure, scoliosis, height and weight
  • Participates in the identification, referral and health appraisal of students with the Child Study Team
  • Participates in identifying students needing 504 plans and participates in the development of a comprehensive plan
  • Submits data and reports to state agencies related to immunizations, TB testing and employee injuries
  • Maintains accurate records of all nursing care provided
  • Teaches health education and promotes wellness activities
  • Provides assessment and care of onsite injuries and illness

-New Jersey State School Nurses Association