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Course Selection


The Program of Studies 2019-2020 provides you with descriptions for all the courses offered at SHS and should be used as the foundation to select a schedule based on your ability and interests and in accordance with the requirements governing graduation from Summit High School. Please work with your parents/guardians and counselor to develop a challenging course of study that will enable you to attend your college or technical program of choice, and to ultimately follow a career path that is both rewarding and interesting.

Choosing Electives

Please use this list of Elective Offerings to help guide your course selection. *Be sure to complete the back of this form and bring it with you to your course selection meeting!

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Summit High School, a student must complete 130 credits during the course of grades 9 through 12. Satisfactory completion of a full-year course earns 5 credits and satisfactory completion of a semester course earns 2.5 credits. Students, therefore, must gain credit for 26 full-year courses (or equivalent) to earn a diploma. The courses may be taken in any department or subject areas, but they must include:


Credits Required



World History


U. S. History






World Language***


Visual & Performing Arts


Career, Consumer, Family & Life Skills


Financial Literacy


Physical Education & Health


Minimum Additional Credits: 27.5
Total needed for graduation: 130

*Courses must include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra 2 (or a third year of math that builds upon the concepts and skills of algebra and geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers).

**Students must complete at least five credits in laboratory Biology/Life Science or the content equivalents, an additional laboratory/inquiry-based science course including Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Physics, and a third laboratory/inquiry-based science course.

***Students may demonstrate proficiency in a World Language in lieu of the five-credit requirement.

Course selection


When you indicate your course selections for the next school year, your choices should reflect firm decisions. You will be required to make both first and second-semester choices when you develop your schedule. Student applications for Honors or Advanced Placement must be submitted prior to course selection and by the required deadlines.

AP & Honors application deadlines are announced to students in their classes and will also be communicated through student emails. The link for the AP & Honors application will be sent to students through their school email accounts.


During the month of March, school counselors will begin the process of scheduling students for next year's courses. Counselors will see their counselees individually and in groups to assist them in the course selection process. We urge both students and parents/guardians to carefully review the schedule that they have prepared. Remember that your school counselor is trained to help you make the proper selection of courses. Please utilize the services of the counseling staff. If any questions arise, or if something needs clarification, do not hesitate to call your school counselor.


Schedules may not be changed once selections are made. In all cases, requests for a teacher change within a given subject area will not be approved unless the student has had a previous course failure with that particular teacher. Students will receive their schedules in June and will have two weeks to bring any inaccuracies or omissions to their counselor's attention. These errors will be routinely corrected. No changes will be made during the summer except for students completing a summer school course.

Student requests to change electives will not be granted.