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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the technology fee? What does it cover? How do I pay it?

The annual Technology Insurance Fee provides a single annual cost that covers repair or replacement of district Chromebooks stemming from accidental damage or theft. The fee may be paid using a credit card online or via check, money order, or cash provided to the school office.


What happens if a charger is lost or stolen?

The charger will need to be replaced and the family is responsible for the cost of a new charger. The Technology Insurance Fee does not cover the costs of replacing lost or stolen chargers. 


What happens if the Chromebook is stolen?

In the case of a Chromebook being stolen, it is the responsibility of the student/parent to immediately report the incident to the Technology Department so that the District may take appropriate action and attempt to recover the device. A police report filed within 48 hours of the incident. To obtain a replacement Chromebook, parents may provide the district with the police report case number. The cost of this replacement is covered by the annual Technology Insurance Fee. The full police report must be provided to the district within two weeks.

Please note: Stolen Chromebooks will be locked and thus have no use or resale value. Person or persons found in possession of stolen District-owned Chromebooks will be charged with criminal possession of stolen property.


What happens if a student forgets their Chromebook? Will there be loaners available?

Students are expected to bring in their devices each day for instruction. Loaner laptops will not be available or provided for students who leave their Chromebook at home.


What if there are technical issues with a Chromebook?

All technical support will be addressed and handled through the district technology department. For more information regarding how to request support, please visit our 1:1 support page. The cost of repairs stemming from technical issues is covered by the annual Technology Insurance Fee.


What if a student forgets to charge their Chromebook?

Students are responsible for making sure their Chromebooks are fully charged for use in school and bring their chargers in each and every day.


Can I use my own Chromebook or laptop instead?

In order to truly change teaching and learning in the classroom, we need to have a uniform system in place. Chromebooks and Google Chrome are required to ensure students can participate in all lessons and activities. For students, only district-provided devices will be allowed on the district network.


Will students have full internet access at home?

If the parents provide wifi access at home, then the student devices will be able to connect to it. Parents are responsible for discussing and monitoring student-use of internet outside of the school district.


Will the students have access to the webcam?

Yes, students will have access to the built-in camera. However, the District Acceptable Use Policy will be strictly enforced.


Will students be allowed to download apps and extensions?

Students are not allowed to install Chrome web apps and extensions. The district may push apps and extensions that are required by district instructional programs.


Will student files be saved when they turn in their Chromebooks for repair?

In some situations, Chromebooks may be wiped to resolve certain issues. However, since the data for a student Google account resides on Google's servers, and not on the device itself, their files and documents should not be at risk. In certain rare instances, if a student device has not connected to the internet for a period of time, the most recent documents may not have re-synced to the online servers and could potentially be lost. Similarly, if a student has saved anything to the devices local storage, if possible, the student should backup those files to their Summit Google Drive account.