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Audit Information

Scope of Audit - The audit shall include an audit of the books, accounts, and moneys and a verification of all cash and bank balances of the board of education/board of trustees, and of any officer or employee thereof, and of any organization of public school pupils conducted under the auspices of the board of education/board of trustees/renaissance school project.

  1. General Fund (including Fund 15 for district required to use school-based budgeting, and fund 19 – Community Development Block Grant, where applicable)
  2. Special Revenue Funds
  3. Capital Projects Funds
  4. Debt Service Funds [does not apply to charter schools/renaissance school projects]
  5. Permanent Funds
  6. Enterprise Funds and Internal Service Funds
  7. Private Purpose Trust and Agency Funds
  8. Student Activity Funds


N.J.S.A. 18A:23-4 states “The secretary of the board shall prepare or have prepared a synopsis or summary of the annual audit and recommendations, prior to the holding of the meeting of the board of education to take action thereon; A copy of which synopsis or summary shall be available for distribution to interested parties at the meeting.”

Audit synopsis 2020-2021

The complete comprehensive annual financial report (Audit) is maintained on site in the Business Office and available for review upon request.

ASBO International Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting