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Audit Information

Scope of Audit - The audit shall include an audit of the books, accounts, and moneys and a verification of all cash and bank balances of the board of education/board of trustees, and of any officer or employee thereof, and of any organization of public school pupils conducted under the auspices of the board of education/board of trustees/renaissance school project.

  1. General Fund (including Fund 15 for district required to use school-based budgeting, and fund 19 – Community Development Block Grant, where applicable)
  2. Special Revenue Funds
  3. Capital Projects Funds
  4. Debt Service Funds [does not apply to charter schools/renaissance school projects]
  5. Permanent Funds
  6. Enterprise Funds and Internal Service Funds
  7. Private Purpose Trust and Agency Funds
  8. Student Activity Funds

N.J.S.A. 18A:23-4 states “The secretary of the board shall prepare or have prepared a synopsis or summary of the annual audit and recommendations, prior to the holding of the meeting of the board of education to take action thereon; A copy of which synopsis or summary shall be available for distribution to interested parties at the meeting.”

The complete comprehensive annual financial report (Audit) is maintained on site in the Business Office and available for review upon request.

2022-2023 Audit Synopsis

ASBO International Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting