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Request for Proposals


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2024-2025 Summit Form 372

Professional Services

Professional services contracts that exceed $6,000 for the school year, must be procured through a competitive process. The district uses the Request for Proposal (RFP) method of procurement. Examples of professional services are: auditing, architectural, engineering, legal, physician.

Academic Services

Academic services contracts that exceed $6,000 for the school year must be procured through a competitive process. The district uses the following methods of procurement: $6,000 - $35,999 Request for Proposal (RFP) $40,000 or more Competitive Contracting. Examples of Academic Services are:
  • Instructional Improvement
  • Educational Consultants
  • Professional Development

Cooperative Purchasing

The Summit Board of Education has contracted with Educational Data Services of Saddle Brook, NJ, to bid on office, school, science, art and industrial art supplies along with copier paper and other items on the approved bid.on an as needed basis.


The quotation limit (threshold) is now $6,000. This means that any specific item or group of items of a similar nature purchased by the school district, totaling more than $6,000 and less that $40,000 for the entire year, must be competitively quoted or advertised for bid at the discretion of the Purchasing Agent.

Quotation Process

All quotations will go through the Office of the Purchasing Agent.

Receipt of Two Quotations

Pursuant to N.J.S.A 18A:18A-37(a) the school district shall receive two quotations if practicable. Evidence of the quotation process shall be kept on file. A copy of the quotation shall be attached to the purchase order.