Summit Public Schools

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Focus Areas & Goals


In April 2018, the Board of Education approved the 2018-2021 Focus Areas:

Focus Area 1: Pursue scholarly excellence for each and every diverse learner by consistently providing a multifaceted, global educational experience at all levels 

Focus Area 2: Provide an environment for students and teachers to cultivate a shared love of learning by supporting creativity and inspiration, and dedication in all phases of the educational journey 

Focus Area 3: Sustain superior academic programs through strategic investment and targeted financial decision making to optimize the overall educational opportunities for our students


2019-2020 DISTRICT GOALS...

Goal 1:  All students in grades 2-8 and grade 9 Algebra 1 will master each targeted math and ELA skills as outlined by their individualized learning plans from the IXL Continuous Diagnostic Assessment.

Goal 2The Summit Public Schools will evaluate current programming and create a revision plan, at all grade levels and across all disciplines, that identifies areas where interdisciplinary themes and/or units of study can be added to provide more opportunities for experiential learning.

Goal 3:  The Summit Public Schools will further cultivate a love of learning and a collaborative culture of excellence and use cutting-edge educational practices to carry out three (3) initiatives in the areas of:

1.      Social Emotional Learning with a focus on stress management and self-management (coping skills);

·      Evaluate current practices, research new practices, and implement a district-wide social and emotional plan of action that allows all staff to meet the needs of our students-with a focus on stress management and self-management (coping skills).

2.    Strengthening culturally inclusive learning, and;

·      Evaluate current practices, research new practices, and design a plan to implement to a more positive culturally inclusive learning experiences for staff and students.  

3.    Effectively adapting to changing pedagogical research and remaining current with educational trends.

·      The Administrative Council (District and School Leadership) will construct an action plan for their own professional development. Topics to explore are the following:  technology/digital citizenship, STEAM, design learning, learning communities and social/emotional learning.  The administrators will create a culture for professional learning that aligns with the targeted needs of their respective schools to improve student achievement.