Summit Public Schools

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Focus Areas & Goals

In April 2018, the Board of Education approved the 2018-2021 Focus Areas:

Focus Area 1: Pursue scholarly excellence for each and every diverse learner by consistently providing a multifaceted, global educational experience at all levels 

Focus Area 2: Provide an environment for students and teachers to cultivate a shared love of learning by supporting creativity and inspiration, and dedication in all phases of the educational journey 

Focus Area 3: Sustain superior academic programs through strategic investment and targeted financial decision making to optimize the overall educational opportunities for our students


2020-2021 DISTRICT GOALS...

Goal 1The Summit Public Schools will utilize parent, staff, and student input to continue to research needs, advance programming and curricula, as well as expand resources to enhance social and emotional learning for all students and staff in grades K-12.

• Outcome: To address the social-emotional needs of students and staff that will foster a healthy learning environment.

Goal 2:  The Summit Public Schools will establish a more global, culturally inclusive instructional program which includes the ongoing development and implementation of anti-bias training for the students and staff, as well as the evaluation and revision of current curricula and programs, as part of a multi-year initiative.

• Outcome year one: To form a committee of teachers and administrators who will assist with completing curriculum revisions and staff/student training to reduce systemic bias in our instructional program.

      • Through the use of district resources and outside experts

Goal 3:  All students K-12 will achieve a significant increase in the areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts from their pre-test scores by as much as 15% for the 2020-2021 school year based on the NJSLA standards.

Goal 4:  The Summit Public Schools will continue to develop our instructional technology framework to provide students with relevant and educationally impactful digital learning resources through a comprehensive training program for teachers.

• Outcome: Through a collaboration between our technology department and instructional coaches share and disseminate best practices, tools, and resources with teachers during team meetings that can be used effectively for different platforms of instruction.