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Summit Public Schools

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District Mission Statement

The Summit Board of Education operates with the commitment to excellence and the expectation that each student will strive to excel beyond the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS), which set forth a minimum level of achievement for all students at all grade levels. The Summit Public Schools, in partnership with the community, will support and sustain an excellent system of learning that engages all students in compelling work; educates them to their highest intellectual, creative, and individual potential; promotes pride in diversity; and results in responsible and productive citizens of the highest integrity.

Board Mission Statement

To set and uphold the standards by which we provide the students of the Summit Public Schools with a superior educational experience, in a way that is equitable, financially responsible, and free of political influence.

Board Statement of Shared Values

The superior educational experience we aspire to provide requires strong working relationships with each other, with teachers, students and administrators, and with the greater community. In forging those relationships, these are the values which we as a Board share, in which we take pride, and which represent the basis for all our interactions.

Excellence: We value excellence in all things we do. We will insist on the highest standards of performance and will consistently endeavor to meet or exceed these standards.

Honesty and Integrity : We value honesty and integrity in all aspects of our lives. They are the backbone of good character and sound moral behavior.

Respect : We value kindness and tolerance toward people who are different from ourselves. We gain respect for others when we strive for greater understanding and appreciation of our differences.

Responsibility : We value responsibility in all actions and decisions that we make collectively as a board. As individuals, we will hold ourselves personally accountable to others for what we do and what we say.

Leadership and Teamwork : We value leadership because it requires the courage and self-discipline necessary to guide the way for others. We value the teamwork of committed individuals because it is essential to the accomplishment of great things.

Listening to Others : We value communication from others. We will seek out public opinion because it allows us to respond and act in a manner that will better serve the common good.

Open, Candid and Consistent Communication : We value the timely and uniform exchange of ideas and information in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Constructive dialogue and more meaningful discussion are a natural outgrowth of open communication.