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High School

Summit High School Program

The special education department at SHS strives to provide the highest quality of education in the least restrictive environment for students that require special education and related services. The staff is dedicated to meeting each student’s social, emotional and educational needs as well as providing support and developing effective, ongoing communication between the school and family.

A full array of programs are available to students who have been evaluated by the Child Study Team and based on a series of assessments, eligibility criteria and educational needs, qualify for special education and related services. Once it is determined a student is eligible, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed detailing a unique program. The IEP is implemented upon written consent from the parent/guardian. A special education teacher is appointed as “contact teacher” who serves as the primary point person to establish and maintain effective communication between the student, family and school. Conferences are held regularly with students to monitor progress and identify obstacles. The contact teacher confers with teachers in all subject areas, child study team members, guidance counselors and administrators on a regular basis to support student achievement.

High school academic programs include general education classes with supports & services, replacement classes, and self-contained programs.

Replacement classes are taught by a special education teacher using curriculum content from the general education classroom. Instruction is provided in a small group environment while implementing techniques, strategies and modifications suited for individual student needs.

In-class support is a program that allows a student with special needs to learn in a general education classroom with the support of a special education teacher who works collaboratively with the content area teacher to develop strategies for effective delivery of curriculum for classified students.

There are two different self-contained offerings that offer a multi-faceted educational experience. One specialized class is designed based on ABA principles to best serve the needs of our students with autism. The other program addresses the individual needs of our Learning Language Disabled (LLD) students.

Courses of Study