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English as a Second Language

missionThe mission of the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Summit Public Schools is to create a culturally competent environment where students acquiring English are given the opportunities and tools necessary for success. We believe that effective language learning is meaningful, relevant, and interactive, and that it will lead students to a place of belonging, content mastery, as well as academic and personal fulfillment.

Program Descriptions & School-Based Personnel

Hispanic Community Liaison - Funded by Gottesman DonationDr. Patricia Fontan has been working since 2013 as a liaison with our Spanish-speaking population. Dr. Fontan works with teachers and administrators to improve cultural awareness in the district and to be able to implement systematic programs and methodologies to facilitate communication and access to resources. She is actively involved at every grade level, she leads the Hispanic Parent Association and she oversees several initiatives like Latino Literacy, College Awareness, Technology, and ESL for parents. Please feel free to contact her at pfontan@summit.k12.nj.us.