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SEPAC presents: The Magical Age of 18

SEPAC 2017-2018


The Magical Age of 18

Students with special needs and their families understand the significance of when the student turns 21 years of age. At age 21, educational entitlement ends and a significant transition to the adult world begins. Students and their families no longer receive support and services through their local school district, but through various state agencies such as the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (D.D.D.) and the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (D.V.R.S.). Families and their young adults with special needs now face the challenge of applying for needed services and supports that were once guaranteed through their public school districts. Ironically, the real transition happens at the age of majority...the age of 18. The success an individual with special needs has with accessing necessary adult services at age 21 is greatly impacted by how well that individual and their family prepared when the child turned 18.

This presentation will look at five (5) important benchmarks that occur when a special needs child turns 18:

  • applying for eligibility through D.D.D.;
  • applying for Supplemental Security Income/Medicaid-eligibility;
  • special needs financial planning;
  • applying for guardianship of the individual; and
  • applying for Selective Service (for males only).

Accomplishment of these benchmarks at age 18 provides families with a smoother transition when their child completes their public education at age 21.

When: Tuesday, April 24 Where: Summit High School Library

Time: 6:30 – 8pm 125 Kent Place Blvd., Summit

Presenters: Matthew MacDougall, Transition Coordinator and Kim Spurlock, Behavior Specialist/Teacher of the Handicapped, Morris-Union Jointure Commission

This presentation was made possible through the Summit Public School District's partnership with the Morris-Union Jointure Commission, as part of a New Jersey Department of Education grant project titled, "#17-BC33-H03: Preparing Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) For Life In The Community, Integrated Employment, and Post-School Success." The goal of the grant project, awarded to the M.U.J.C., is to assist partnering districts with the identification and development of key components of model transition programs. Summit Public Schools partnership with the M.U.J.C. and participation in this project has been instrumental in helping Summit Public Schools build and expand an already successful transition program.