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Summit BOE Earns Safety Award

Summit BOE Earns Safety Incentive Program Award from Diploma Joint Insurance Fund

The Diploma Joint Insurance Fund Safety Incentive Program was developed to allow members that completed the program requirements to earn money that can be utilized to assist with safety related projects and improvements. The Diploma Joint Insurance Fund is a member-owned joint insurance fund for public school districts that provides property, casualty and workers' compensation coverage to public schools in New Jersey.

For completing all the criteria and also qualifying for the safety bonus by achieving 100 points, the Summit Board of Education has qualified to receive a $2,000 safety award by the Diploma Joint Insurance Fund to support the safety efforts within the district. The safety incentive award was earned by the Summit Board of Education by completing the program requirements throughout the 2016-2017 fund year.

The Summit Public Schools has been a member of the Fund since 2000 with Mr. Louis Pepe having been elected by his peers to serve as Trustee since 2008. He is currently as Finance Chair for the fund.

The Diploma Joint Insurance Fund Safety Incentive Program was established in 2016 to promote proactive risk management and safety awareness. The Diploma Joint Insurance fund Board of Trustees commends the fund commissioner for their contribution toward the districts' successful completion of all requirements for the award.