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For a second year Hispanic and ELL students at Summit High School attended inspirational workshops presented by the team from Inspimind. In November, 57 freshmen and sophomores attended The Power to Choose Workshop - a self reflective, learning workshop designed to empower students to tap into their willpower in order to reach success. In the afternoon, 54 juniors and seniors attended the Who I Am, Where Am I Going Workshop - a highly interactive college readiness workshop designed to empower students to tap into what makes them who they are and to connect that to their goals for the future after high school.

High school students worked with speakers from Inspimind, an elite group of college student leaders who have been involved in student organizations in community colleges and in four-year universities. This diverse group of young men and women shared their skills and personal experiences to provide guidance, support and motivation to the teens at Summit High School. Students learned first hand how the power of positive thinking, goal setting, and resilience leads to success in life.

The workshops were made possible thanks to funding from the SHS PTO and the Guidance and Counseling Department.

Group of leaders and our Guidance Department stand together after workshops for the Hispanic and ELL population.