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Public Policy Convention

Each year, grade 8 students at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School create a project directly related to the Summit community. Each student group identifies a unique, specific area of concern that they feel can be improved in the City of Summit. Then, through surveys of residents and research, student groups develop possible, practical solutions.

All of the 8th grade students spent about four weeks working on their proposals and developing visual components. Some project ideas included the following: parking, road maintenance, drop-off/pick-up traffic, lighting, and more. The proposals were on display for parents, the public, Mayor Radest, Common Council Members and Board of Education members on October 27, 2017 at the Public Policy Convention. Special thanks to the 8th grade Social Studies teachers, Kevin Kostibos, Dan Miller, Laurie McMormack and Alexander Whiteside.

Students show projects to the Superintendent.

Students show projects to the Mayor of Summit.

Students show projects to the Board President.