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Augmented Reality came to the LCJSMS LLC!

Over 600 Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School students participated in a Google Expeditions AR (Augmented Reality) Pioneer Program at the LCJSMS Library Learning Commons. Google reached out to librarians Beth Thomas and Megan Hartley to invite LCJSMS to participate in their latest educational program.

An iPhone photo in the library.

Google supplied lesson plans and all required technology for an educational and different vantage point for each lesson. For example, the students saw a spinning hurricane from the top, side, and underneath. The hurricane appeared real as the students used a handheld device on a selfie stick.

The 8th graders learned about the Forces of Nature through augmented reality. There were hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis and volcanoes appearing in augmented reality throughout the library. Google described the lesson as a "bird's eye view of some of nature's most violent expressions."

The 6th graders participated in the augmented reality of Ancient Roman Life. Ancient Roman farm tools, coins, headpieces, and aqueducts were floating throughout the library. Students were amazed at the realism of the objects as they appeared to float around the library.

Special thanks to the 8th grade science teachers and 6th grade social studies teachers, as well as to Joanne Finnen, for bringing so many students to the LCJSMS LLC for a great and new experience in augmented reality!

An iPhone photo in the library.