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News from LCJSMS

To kick off 2018, LCJSMS has been working to create a positive school climate for the entire school community.

LCJSMS celebrated No Name-Calling Week, January 15-19, 2018. No Name-Calling Week was established to challenge name-calling and bullying by being accepting of all school community members despite differences.

Representatives from the GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, or Whomever) Club and Student Council shared daily facts about discrimination during lunch in order to raise awareness within the school community. Each day focused on name calling based on different aspects, such as race, religion, appearance, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The SIBS Group also made posters to promote a positive school climate and challenge name calling at LCJSMS.

Students also checked out a No Name Calling Week library display, created by GLOW club members, which highlighted books related to the week and challenging bullying.

In honor of No Name Calling Week, the Book Club and GLOW Club will be hosting a school-wide LCJSMS book discussion on Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart. Copies of the book have been available for students and staff at the school and local library. Pizza will be served at the discussion sessions on February 21 and March 7. There will also be an opportunity on April 4th to skype with the author and learn more about her inspiration to write the book. These opportunities were made possible thanks to LCJSMS PTO mini-grants.

LCJSMS recognized Mix It Up Day on February 8 during Advisory. Mix It Up Day was established to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and meet other students they may not know. This year, 6th and 8th graders participated in a joint lesson while 7th grade mixed it up with teachers. All students and teachers alike mentioned that the Mix It Up Day was a "fantastic advisory" and asked to do it again next year.

LCJSMS continued the mission of No Name Calling Week through the ONE program. At this program, LCJSMS Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs), read the story ONE by Kathryn Otoshi at Wilson and Jefferson Primary Centers on February 13. LCJSMS students served as role models for the kindergarten classes, discussing the meaning behind the story and leading an interactive activity to engage primary center students on how they can be an UPstander. All students designed an inkblot related to the story and collaborated for one large "1," which is on display at the Primary Centers.