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National Merit Scholar Finalists

During the 2015-2016 school year, Summit High School juniors took the PSATs. Thirty-four were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program as either commended students or semi-finalists in the Fall of 2016.

Students identified as semi-finalists had to submit their SAT scores, have an outstanding academic record, and be endorsed by a high school administrator in order to be considered for a finalist position. Additionally, semi-finalists had to submit an application with their transcripts, provide a listing of extracurricular and/or volunteer activities, and write an essay. Once selected as finalists, students are eligible to earn scholarships.

Of the 15,000 finalists across the United States, about 7,500 get a scholarship that falls into one of the following categories: National Merit $2,500 Scholarship, Corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship, and College-sponsored Merit Scholarship.

Summit High School is proud to acknowledge the following 5 finalists: Katherine Scheer, Sean Crotty, Ethan Kantor, Matthew Colon, Christopher Kelser.

In addition to the current accolades, data from the three years prior is as follows:

2016: 30 commended, of which there were 6 semi-finalists, resulting in 5 finalists

2015: 14 commended, of which there were 7 semi-finalists, resulting in 7 finalists

2014: 20 commended, of which there was 1 semi-finalist, resulting in 1 finalist