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Red Ribbon Celebration

The Red Ribbon Poster & Essay Contest Celebration Luncheon was held on October 30, 2017. The 4th grade poster theme was "Your Future is Key - So Strive to Be Healthy." This was chosen to promote positive and healthy decision-making skills, which are key to reducing negative peer pressure and early involvement with drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The following students were selected as winners at the elementary level: Mackenna Welsh (WES), Brooke Harvey (FES), Faith Bermel (JES), Madeline Schleifman (BES), and Jade Giraldo (LHES).

Students who won at Red Ribbon Week artwork.

At Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School, 7th graders participated in an essay contest on their "natural highs." Students shared how their passion for everyday interests, hobbies, and activities provide them alternatives to drugs and alcohol. They also incorporated this year's National Red Ribbon Campaign theme, "Your Future is Key...So Stay Drug Free" by connecting how these activities help them to live life to the fullest and work towards their best future. The following winners read their outstanding essays for those who attended the celebration event: Jared Osei-Yeboah, Molly McKegney, and Lydia Boubendir.

Three kids who wrote Red Ribbon Week stories about being drug-free.

In Summit High School, individual teachers participated in cross-curricular activities highlighting the dangers of alcohol use, abuse, and addiction. The following students were honored for their exemplary work in art, writing, creativity, and design:

Red Ribbon Week art winner.

Amaury Rosario (12th): 3-D image

Red Ribbon Week art winner.

Grace Morrissey (11th): Computer Graphics

Red Ribbon Week art winner.

Andy Toxtle (10th): Drawing

Red Ribbon Week winners who wrote poems.

Kate Borjas (10th): Poetry &

Kyra Rosenzweig (12th): Sonnet

Two students who made PSAs are standing by a flag.

Owen Lawton (10th) and Erin Manion (12th):

Moving Image-Public Service Announcements

Additionally, during Red Ribbon Week at SHS, 9th and 10th grade students saw a powerful one-man show, Dirt, that explored the challenges and decisions that young people face often, that are related to drugs, bullying, and self-esteem. Juniors and seniors heard from a local lawyer, A Story of Hope and Determination; the presentation focused on making good decisions, perseverance, and the dangers of drunk/drug driving. SHS students were asked to sign a pledge not to drink or use drugs when driving.

Special thanks to Annette Dwyer, Board Chairperson of Shaping Summit Together and Melanie Cohn, President of the Summit/New Providence Rotary Club, as well as to Superintendent June Chang, Stacy Grimaldi, Damen Cooper, Joseph Cordero, Laura Kaplan, and members of the School Counseling Department Jeff Lambert, Andrea Sadow, Nick Santangelo, Michelle Hoff, and Amy Herber.