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Holocaust Survivors Speak

On Wednesday, January 24th, Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School hosted survivors from The Holocaust Council of Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest. They addressed the 8th grade students through a program entitled "Survivors Speak," and shared their experiences. This program was created for the Morris Museum as part of their outreach to schools and it will be Summit's sixth year participating.

Grace Buonpane is an 8th grade language arts teacher and while her students read The Diary of Anne Frank, they also researched the background of that time period. As one can imagine, nothing compares to hearing first hand accounts. Vera Chapman and Fred Heyman, each with incredible Holocaust experiences, shared their stories of resilience. Mrs. Chapman was born in Vienna, Austria after Adolf Hitler took power. She had to escape Austria with her family. Mr. Heyman was born in Berlin, Germany and as a young child, witnessed the rise and fall of Hitler and Nazi Germany. He was able to immigrate to the United States in 1946. They are models of strength and courage; it was a privilege to hear them speak.

Holocaust survivors speak to 8th grade students.

Moderator Rebecca Lubetkin, Fred Heyman, and Vera Chapman