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Take a Stand!

The Take a Stand program is a district-wide elementary program established in 2008. The curriculum is built around four main lessons that are taught, and revisited, throughout the year. This proactive anti-bullying program focuses on creating a safe environment and equipping students with effective strategies that they can use to handle a variety of situations.

On January 18th, Mr. Jonathan Slevens delivered the third lesson in the series to his 2nd grade class. It was centered on differentiating between different types of information, and clearly explained the difference between tattling and reporting.

Students heard a short vignette called On the Playground. They discussed the characters and expressed their feelings. Sharing in pairs and small groups, the children were able to brainstorm solutions to the problem presented. Mr. Slevens then read a story called Nobody Knew What To Do. As the story progressed, he encouraged the class to make predictions, share opinions, and create a plan. Many students agreed that it was important to tell a trusted adult, be it a teacher, parent, or even the principal. They felt strongly that the right thing to do was to get help, and to not join in the negative behaviors, but to be an "upstander". To check for understanding at the conclusion of the lesson, the class played a game where they listened to comments and decided if different scenarios were instances that needed to be reported.

To review what topics our students are focused on throughout grades K-5, you can visit the elementary counseling website at http://elementaryguidance.summit.k12.nj.us/ Special thanks to the following School Counselors: Jeff Lambert (Franklin/Lincoln-Hubbard), Andrea Sadow (Washington, Primary Centers), and Nick Santangelo (Brayton/Jefferson).