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Where Respect Is A Priority

As Summit Public Schools kicks off the Week of Respect, Counselors, Teachers, and Administrators are supporting many initiatives focusing on respecting one's self and others.

At the elementary schools, students, teachers, and counselors will be reading kindness and respect quotes during the morning announcements and delivering class lessons helping students feel safe, happy and positive about school. As part of our District Anti-Bullying curriculum, students will participate in their first of many Take a Stand lesson focusing on teaching the value of being respectful citizens in our school communities. In addition, each school will be celebrating individually with a Spirit Day, Themed Bulletin Boards, Mix It Up Day Lunch, or a presentation by the Kent Place Ethics Institute - all of which will focus on understanding and valuing respect.

This year at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School the Week of Respect theme will be I Have Your Back. During the week activities will focus on this theme and will include reading daily respect quotes through morning announcements. Students playing the game Name that Tune in homeroom featuring songs about respect. There will be a display made of paper t-shirts with student artwork showing how they are going to support each other during the school year, and for a finale, they will host a Backwards Day to represent how they have each other's back.

At Summit High School motivational quotes and emojis have been posted around the school to inspire students to be positive, kind and compassionate. The Students Helping Students Club designed a prevention display in the main gallery promoting positive mental health. The Club will be teaming up with the Art Club to paint positivity rocks and placing them in the Zen Garden where students can find a quiet place to build inner strength. In October there are three important programs scheduled all of which will focus on enhancing self-esteem and the importance of respecting one's self and others. A parent program is scheduled for October 3rd @ 7:00 pm, Adolescence, the Good the Bad and the Healthy helping parents to raise resilient students with a strong sense of self. 11th and 12th graders will attend an assembly, I'm That Guy which will focus on safety, healthy living, and making positive decisions and the 9th and 10th graders will attend You Don't Know Me Till You Know Me focused on empathy, understanding, and kindness.

While this is just a sampling of activities, respect themes and activities will continue throughout the school year, because in Summit Public Schools respecting one's self and others is not a focus for just a week, but part of the fabric of our community.