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Planned Bond Issuance


Summit Public Schools is proud and excited to embark on a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) initiative which invites students to explore opportunities at all educational levels. With new STEAM innovation labs underway at the elementary schools thanks to the Summit Educational Foundation, this planned bond issuance will allow us to create state-of-the-art spaces for our middle and high school students who will truly benefit from innovative learning experiences. This bond will not only enhance our STEAM opportunities, but will also address the District's longstanding facility upgrades.

The planned bond issuance was originally introduced to the Board of Education in April 2022. The presentation below, Investing in our Future, was presented by Summit administrators at the May 2022 Board of Education meeting. The presentation below Investing in our Future was shared at a public forum hosted by the District on May 23, 2022.

Please click through the following presentation slides to learn more about the planned bond issuance. Below both slideshows, you will see a YouTube video of the recorded presentations from Summit administrators.

Board of School Estimate Meeting July 7, 2022 (Begins 29:00)



Investing in our Future



Board Presentation on Planned Bond Issuance



Presentation from Public Forum on Planned Bond Issuance



Public Forum on Planned Bond Issuance



Questions and Answers