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Photo of Shane Zeigler

Ms. Shane Zeigler

Principal, Brayton School

Ms. Shane Zeigler is the proud new principal of Brayton Elementary School. 

Ms. Zeigler’s previous experience includes five years as Assistant Elementary Principal in the South Orange Maplewood School District, where she assisted with the operational management of two buildings consisting of more than 600 students and 40 staff.  During her tenure, she created, organized, and maintained 504 plans and Intervention & Referral Services plans, and developed and integrated a literature-based conflict resolution curriculum.  She also served as Test Coordinator for all school, district, and state testing, and implemented various academic strategies to increase student reading levels.  As an administrator, Ms. Zeigler served as coordinator and supervisor of afterschool programs to assist students who were struggling in various areas.  She worked with her principal to create school schedules, and has been trained in Restorative Practices and facilitated restorative dialogues between students in an effort to help them understand how to resolve conflicts on their own, and prevent future conflict as much as possible. In addition to administrative experience, Ms. Zeigler has 22 years of teaching experience in both urban and suburban school districts.

Ms. Zeigler is excited to be a part of the Summit community, and feels very privileged to join Brayton and looks forward to working with everyone.


Thanks to the continued involvement and support of our Parent Teacher Organization, we are able to offer many wonderful experiences for our students, including some of the activities mentioned below. Numerous activities are also provided by the PTO to enhance school unity - Variety Show, Field and Fun Day and Bingo Night are just a few of the many events.