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Esther LoorMrs. Esther Loor

Principal, Franklin School

Mrs. Loor is the proud principal of Franklin Elementary School. 

Before coming to Summit, Mrs. Loor was the assistant principal for the elementary schools in the Westwood Regional School District. Mrs. Loor spent many years in the classroom as a kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd and 5th grade teacher in the Tenafly and Bridgewater-Raritan school districts. Mrs. Loor is a strong instructional leader, deeply versed in standards-based curriculum and data-driven decision-making. Mrs. Loor earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Rutgers University. She pursued her Master’s degree at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education in Elementary Education with a specialization in Literacy. She attained her principal and supervisor certifications through NJEXCEL. 

Mrs. Loor believes in laying a solid foundation during the elementary years, not only in the pursuit of academic excellence, but in fostering social-emotional intelligence. Having grown up all over the country, Mrs. Loor also understands the importance and impact of conversations surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion. Mrs. Loor is a forward-thinking, innovative educator who values instilling skills to be a successful global citizen. 

Most importantly, Mrs. Loor is a mother and wife. She and her husband share two beautiful children who are the love and joy of their lives.