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Summit Public Schools

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Jefferson Primary


Welcome to Jefferson Primary Center

110 Ashwood Ave.
Summit, NJ 07901
(908) 918-2160

Principal - Ms. Pamela A. Southard



Upcoming Events

Please see the attached letter from Ms. Southard regarding food in the Primary Centers.



Due to a weather related school closing, Family Math Night has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 26 from 6:30-8:00. We hope to see you there!

Parents and their children will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun math activities.

There will 3 fun giveaway prizes awarded!

Please return the RSVP to your child's teacher by Friday, Feb. 8.



Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with the parking lot procedure and rules for Jefferson School's pick up session. Thank you for your attention to this critical information.

In the afternoon, parent parking is permitted in the first two rows of the pool lot. The first two rows of the pool lot are considered one-way during afternoon pick up. Parents should pull into the lot and turn right accessing one of the first two rows only, travelling one-way. All cars should be exiting the lot through the last row only.

Remember that all cars must exit the pool lot heading toward the back of the lot exiting only through the last lane, furthest away from the school.  

Please drive SLOWLY. 

Parents are encouraged to back into spaces so they can safely exit the lot with the best possible vision of families walking to their own cars.       

Please be courteous and do not park in the handicapped designated spaces unless you have the permit to do so.

Parents are reminded that there is NO parking allowed in the fire lane. Summit PD frequently patrols the area and will ticket vehicles. The fine is significant.

If someone else will be picking your child up from Jefferson, please be sure they are familiar with the parking lot safety rules. 

Thank you!




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