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Nataly FariasMs. Nataly Farias

Principal, Jefferson Elementary School


Ms. Farias was named Principal of Jefferson Elementary School in July of 2022.

Ms. Farias is a driven, collaborative, and inclusive educational leader, who is adamant about creating a positive school climate and culture, fostering high quality instruction, and promoting parental and community involvement that has proven to enhance student achievement.

Ms. Farias’ previous experience includes eight years as Assistant Elementary Principal in the East Windsor Regional School District where she increased parental involvement for Spanish speaking families by translating documents and live meetings, served as active participant on I&RS committee to assist teachers in implementing interventions and create action plans, and lead content, staff, data team, and grade-level meetings.  Prior to her administrative experience, she was an elementary school teacher for Newark Public Schools for six years.  During this time, she analyzed data and differentiated instruction for all learners based on students' needs and served as model classroom teacher.  She also assisted teachers in aligning instruction with learning standards, and attended and planned school events to promote student success and parental involvement.


students outside in Jefferson community garden


Students acting in school play