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Grade 8 Community Service

Ryder's Challenge


"We Give Respect, We Take Responsibility" 

Guidelines: Please make sure that when you sign up for an event you SHOW UP! This is your responsibility. In the event of an emergency please contact the service project coordinator to let them know that you cannot make it. 

The 8th-grade community service program is dedicated to Mr. Ryder, a former industrial technology teacher at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School. Mr. Ryder tragically passed away in 2010. Mr. Ryder was an avid member of the school community and advocated to help his fellow citizens. Each year, our 8th-grade students complete twenty hours of community service in his honor. Students who fulfill the twenty-hour requirement earn the right to attend the pool party and 8th-grade breakfast at the end of the school year.

The Ryder community service board is posted outside the main cafeteria. Students are encouraged to check the community service board for local service opportunities. Students may complete community service projects outside the school that are not posted on the Ryder board. However, these service hours should serve the local community and community agencies (Summit Library, Summit YMCA, Connection, feeding the needy, service in a local house of worship, etc.). Helping a family member with work or babysitting is not considered community service. 

Community Service Hours: Some postings will take place on this site. You are also encouraged to seek out your own opportunities. When you seek out community service opportunities, you should focus on helping people or an organization in need. As a general rule, if you are aiding someone in making a profit, it is not considered community service. If you have specific questions on what will count as service, please email Ms. Colineri at 

Community Service Opportunities

Please print this Ryder's Challenge Verification Sheet and give it to the service coordinator so they can sign off that you completed the appropriate number of service hours for a given event.