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The Advisory Program provides early adolescents with the stability needed for them to cope with the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical changes experienced during the middle school years. The purpose of the program is to provide a point of security for every student in the school environment by building a positive relationship with at least one adult who is known as the advisor. The advisor, usually the homeroom teacher, helps to make sure students are getting a good start each morning.


In addition to daily homeroom contact, the students meet with their advisor and the advisory group approximately twice a month. During these advisory periods, the advisor leads discussions with the group about topics that concern school life such as: achieving success, making friends, improving peer relationships, respecting self and others, building character, exploring career choices, and making good decisions at the middle school. The advisory program systematically supports each student through a series of planned activities as s/he experiences the transition from childhood to adolescence.


The administration supports and encourages all efforts to ensure that our Advisory Program is an integral component of Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School.  In order for you to participate in this fundamental program, please consult the links to calendars in the buttons below.



Advisory Calendars

6th grade

September 27 - Introduction to Advisory/Making Friends (Overview of Rules)

October 11 - Cooperation Machines - Week of Respect  (Take care of Others)

October 25 - "Generation Text" Tom Rich Red Ribbon Week  (Take Care of Yourself) NO BAGELS

November 15 - Digital Citizenship (Take Care of Yourself/Others)

December 6 - Mid Year Chat-n-Chew (Take Care of Yourself/Others)

January 10 - Stressed Out?! (Take Care of Yourself)

January 24 - Bullying, Inside Out No Name Calling Week (Take Care of Others/Yourself)

February 14- Marshmallow Challenge Mix-It-Up Advisory (Take Care of Yourself/Others)

February 28 - Let's Make A Difference (Take Care of Others/Community)

March 13- Kindness Rocks! Day of Kindness (Take Care of Others)

March 26 (Thursday) - Overcoming Stereotypes (Take Care of Others)

April 24 - What Would You Do? (Take Care of Yourself)

May 8 - Spend a Buck/Heart Surgery (Take Care of Others)

May 22  - Chat-N-Chew/Evaluations (All Rules)


7th Grade

September 27 - Introduction/School Rules (Overview of Rules)

October 11 - Ryan Halligan Assembly Debrief  Week of Respect - (Take Care of Others)

October 25 - Music is My High  Red Ribbon Week - (Take Care of Yourself) 

November 15 - Digital Citizenship 1 (Take Care of Others/School)

December 6 - Let it Snow (Take Care of Others)

January 10 - Best Foot Forward (Take Care of Yourself)

January 24 - Valentines for Vets No Name Calling Week (Take Care of Others)

February 14 -Marshmallow Challenge  Mix It Up Advisory  (Take Care of Others/Yourself)

February 28 -      Digital Citizenship 2 (Take Care of Yourself/Others)

March 13 - Chat-n-Chew Day of Kindness (All Rules)

March 26 (Thursday) - Digital Citizenship (Take Care of Yourself)

April 24 - Hurting Or Flirting (Take Care Of Others)

May 8 - Breaking the Cycle (Take Care of Others/School) NO BAGELS

May 22  - 7th Grade Survival Guide/Evaluations   (Take Care of School)

8th Grade

September 27 - We're All In Together (Take Care of School)

October 11 - Ryan Halligan Assembly Debrief Week of Respect - (Take Care of Others) 

October 25 - Drug & Alcohol Awareness Activity Red Ribbon Week  (Take Care of Yourself)

November 15 - Rumors & Relationships (Take Care of Others)

December 6 - I Appreciate (Take Care of School)

January 10 - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (Take Care of Yourself)

January 24 - Kindness and Unity No Name Calling Week (Take Care of Others)

February 14 - Marshmallow Challenge Mix-It-Up Advisory (Take Care of Others/Yourself)

February 28 - Chat-n-Chew (Take Care of Yourself)

March 13 - Manners/Integrity  Day of Kindness (Take Care of Others )

March 26 (Thursday)- Career Awareness (Take Care of Yourself)

April 24 - Career Awareness Day -  (Take Care of Yourself) NO BAGELS

May 8 - Teacher Trivia (Take Care of School)

May 22  - HS Orientation/Evaluations (Take Care of Yourself)