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Counselor's Corner

Please feel free to reach out to your child's school counselor at 908-273-1190.  Each counselor's extension and email address are listed below. In addition, you can find the link to your counselor's web page.  Each individual page contains general information about the individual counselor.

Counselor Assignments 2020-2021

Mr. Larry Johnson

6th grade A - D

7th grade A - Di

8th grade A - De

Mrs. Stefanie Jurista

6th grade E - K

7th grade Dj - K*

8th grade Df - K*

Mrs. Elke Luftig

6th grade L - R

7th grade L - Q

8th grade L - Sa*

Mrs. Cristina Casani

6th grade S-Z

7th grade R - Z

8th grade Sb - Z*

* Some students may be out of alphabetical order. 

Counselor Contact Information


Mr. Larry JohnsonEmail • Ext. 4508 • Website

Mrs. Stefanie JuristaEmail • Ext. 4510 • Website

Mrs. Elke Luftig • Email • Ext. 4586 • Website

Mrs. Cristina Casani • Email • Ext. 4509 • Website

Mrs. Sasha Hicks (Student Assistance Counselor) Email • Ext. 4517 • Website 

Ms. Corrine Santarpia (Leave replacement for Mrs. Hicks) Email