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Private School Recommendations/Transcript Requests

On this page you will find the procedures for requesting recommendation letters and transcripts for your son/daughter.  Please see the checklist below and click on the links to view and print out the necessary documents.


  • Using the attached release form alert the School Counselor of:
    • The school(s) your son/daughter applying to
    • The teacher(s) from whom you are requesting recommendation(s)
    • Please indicate if application/recommendation is online
    • If transcripts/recommendations need to be mailed please provide a stamped, addressed envelope for each school to the School Counselor or office
  • Complete the cover letter for each school.  Students should either hand the request directly to the teachers or email the teachers directly

           Include the following:

  • Request to fill out the recommendation for your son/daughter
  • The name of the school(s) your child is applying to
  • The due date for the recommendation
  • Please allow 2-3 week time frame
  • Indicate that recommendations should be returned to the School Counselor (include name) to be mailed.  If online copy should be sent to counselor.

Cover letter should be used for camps or other programs.

Alert the Counseling Office, Mrs. Loaiza (ext 4507), of school decision.  If the decision is to attend a private school, please also complete this document indicating the school your son/daughter will be attending.