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Middle School counselors are experienced in working with early adolescents as they deal with important decisions in their preteen and early teen years. Counselors assist students in achieving a positive and successful school experience. 

If you need additional information, please call your child’s counselor at 908-273-1190.

When students reach the middle school years, they are often in the process of developing their own independent identity. This usually causes them to stop talking openly with their parents; they may even become rude and obnoxious to those who love them the most.

As counselors, we have the opportunity of working with these middle school students when they are in their more mature selves. We are in a position to help them explore appropriate choices for the decisions they must make. While we provide students with a confidential setting, we do consider the importance of keeping parents up-to-date on all important issues—we find a way to maintain the student’s trust while we work with parents. 

Students and their parents are invited to contact counselors about:

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