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Coping Strategies

Words CAN Hurt, But You are Stronger
Use “I statements” to explain how you feel
Keep a calm and low tone of voice
You don't have to raise your voice to be heard. Speak quietly and the other person will have to shut up to hear you.
You don't have to feel threatened by your “opponent”, even if they start to scream at you. The fact that they are screaming means that they feel threatened by you.
Use good eye contact to show that you are listening calmly to the other person
Be a diplomat. Listen to people. Really listen. What is your “opponent” afraid of? What assurances or resources will they need in order to give you what you want? Turn them from an opponent into a partner and come up with a win-win compromise.
Return an insult with a compliment
You don't have to thump your chest or threaten. Just believe in your cause and don't back down.
Talk about your feelings
Speak from the heart. Tell people what you REALLY want, not what you think you need in order to get what you want. Tell them why you want it. Be honest and authentic!
Get involved in activities, sports and clubs you enjoy
Walk Away
Don't give them the satisfaction or empowerment