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Tips for Success

• The first step to studying is to get organized

       - Write down assignments

       - Make sure to take good notes

       - File your papers in the appropriate section

       - Use post-it notes or make lists to help you remember important things


   • Find a "study/homework spot" to use every day. Make sure it is:

       - Well lit

       - Quiet

- Comfortable and Attractive - The space should be inviting, but not too comfortable that it will be distracting

       - Neat

       - Stocked - paper, pencils, pens, erasers, dictionary, etc.


   • Develop and stick to a routine.


   • Review class material regularly.


   • Participate

       - Ask questions in class or after class if unsure about the material

       - Go for extra help if you are struggling

       - Make sure you correct and understand any mistakes you may have made


   • "SQ3R"

       - Survey - Look over an assignment and try to pick out the clues

       - Question - Think of questions regarding to the material

       - Read - While reading the assignment it may help to take notes

       - Restate - Test yourself by summarizing, in your own words, what you have read

- Review - go over the material right away and a few days later to be sure you know what you covered


   • Techniques to help memorization:

       - Acronyms

       - Sentences

       - Flash Cards

       - Grouping - studying similar things together

       - Recitation

       - Rhymes

       - Images

- Personalization - make a personal connection to the information (ie. relating a date to a birthday)

       - Singing


   • Don't procrastinate

        - Set goals and stick to them


   • Relieve Stress

       - Don't stay up late

       - Review every day

       - Eat healthy meals

       - Be positive

       - Do deep breathing


   • Test Taking Tips

       - Scan the test

       - Do the easiest problem first

       - Don't spend too much time on one question

        - Pace yourself

       - Ask questions if you do not understand what the test is asking

       - Read each question carefully

        - Make sure you are answering all parts of the question

       - Don't worry if others finish before you

        - Take your time and be careful

       - Look over the test before you hand it in


The Parent Institute, 1999, http://www.parent-institute.com