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Mrs. Janice Tierney

Principal, Primary Centers

Mrs. Janice Tierney was named Principal of the Primary Centers at Jefferson and Wilson in July 2014. Under her leadership, the Primary Centers have continued to provide outstanding half-day kindergarten, lottery-based Pre-K programs and expanded their full-day kindergarten offerings by increasing the number of classes.

Mrs. Tierney joined the Summit administrative staff from her Principal position at Memorial School (Pre-K to second grade) in Emerson, NJ. Her teaching career included teaching assignments in both Preschool Disabilties and Kindergarten classrooms in Livingston and Mt. Olive, New Jersey. She holds certifications in Special Education, Elementary Education and Educational Administration. Before becoming a teacher, Mrs. Tierney was a Human Resources professional.

Mrs. Tierney lives in Roseland with her husband, Michael. They have two children, Kelley and Mike.

A place where we are ...

"Inspiring all to explore, learn and grow"

Dedicated to the education of our youngest learners, the Primary Centers at Jefferson and Wilson were established in 2008. Welcoming approximately 300+ students ages 3 to 6 in diverse settings, the Primary Centers provide nearly identical programs in two environments. Programs include full-day (Wilson only) and half-day preschool comprised of special and general education students. Kindergarten programs are offered with half and full day options and supported by self-contained special education classroom settings.

The Primary Center faculty is a highly educated, dedicated group of early childhood educators. Additional instructional support is provided by qualified paraprofessionals in each classroom. Teachers implement rich, standards-based curriculum and developmentally respectful learning opportunities including Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop, Balanced Literacy, GO Math, STEM/STEAM science and social studies exploration based lessons. Play is also an important component of our daily schedule and supports the social, emotional and behavioral development of our students.

Supporting the emerging skills of our learners extends beyond traditional academics and requires planning for authentic opportunities for students to engage in collaborative, problem-solving explorations. These lessons require learners to communicate effectively, engage both independently and with others, and experience error to build capacity for stick-to-it-tiveness and grit. Students are presented with problems and materials to build sustained, independent, focused attention to identify a problem, explore solutions and reach collaborative conclusions. These are components of our early childhood classrooms and Primary Center community.

Social, emotional and behavioral milestones are as important as academic skills in early childhood education. These are supported through the establishment of a classroom and school community with developmentally appropriate behavioral expectations. These expectations include respect for self, respect for others and respect for our school, and are supported by a single, simple overarching theme - treat others as you would like to be treated.

Primary Center faculty, staff and administration are here to support your child as they begin their educational journey in the Summit Public Schools. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. Welcome!