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Summit High School offers a wide range of clubs and activities that include as many interests within the school community as possible. Participation in clubs allows a student to get the total high school experience. Based on interest. clubs change from year to year.

Below is an alphabetical listing of clubs offered during the 2018-2019 school year. Please scroll down to view the complete listing.



Acapella Club

Dan King

Aid to America

Advisor Needed

Amnesty International

Lauren Wells

Art Club

Kelly Coyle

Art Magazine

Lindsey Morse

Asian-American Club

Christine Stelmach

Bible Club

Advisor Needed

Black Student Union

Simone Baskerville

Chamber Choir

Daniel King

Chamber Orchestra/ String Ensemble

Barbara Vierschilling

Chinese Club

Joan Lu

Cause for the Paws

Advisor Needed


Dan King

Class Council

2022- Maria Wager, 2021- Kyle Dattola, 2020- Erin Fogarty, 2019- Jamie Farber

Color Guard

Bernadette Burke

Drama Club

Anne Poyner, Dan King

Economics Club

Ashley Sularz

Environmental Action Coalition

Cynthia Vitale

Equestrian/Equine Club

Liz Mongno

ESL Club

Advisor Needed

Family Promise

Vanessa Hernandez

Fishing Club

William O'Regan

Forensics (Speech & Debate)

Anne Poyner

Food Critics Club

David Howarth, Joe Meier

French Club

Helene Blanton

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Elizabeth Berberich

Girls in STEM

Jodi Friedman

Hilltop Harmony

Steven Rapp

Interact Club

Judy Shue

Jazz Band

Alex Bocchino

Kits for Chemo

Nicole Terhune

Latin Club

Daniel Cummings

Law Club

Joe Meier

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Advisor Needed

Marching Band

Director - Steven Rapp

Assistants - Alex Bocchino, Michael Gleason, Rebecca Hoffler

Model United Nations (UN)

Elizabeth Berberich

Multiracial Club

Melissa Kormeluk

Operation International Smile

Adam Leaman

Paintball Club

Christine Bohan

Photo Editing Club

Don Standing

Planting Club

Christine Stelmach

Quintessence (Literary Magazine)

Jennifer Jean-Louis

Recycling Club

Advisor Needed

Red Cross Student Chapter

Jennifer Illis


Rebecca Zarabi

Science League

Jeremy Morman

Science Olympiad

Christine Stelmach

Science Research

Christine Stelmach

Scoop the Soup

Simone Baskerville

SHS Fitness Club

Laura Cataldi

SHS Students for Veterans Club

John Kratch

Ski & Snowboard

Advisor Needed

Spanish Club

Vanessa Hernandez & Silvia Vincente

Sport Support

Advisor Needed

SpikeBall Club

David Field

Step Team

Brooke Simandl & Maria Wagner

Students Helping Students

Amy Herber

Summit Student Civics Council

John Kratch & John Shipley

Student Council

Winnie Caetta

Summit Safety Society

Mike Sandor, Erin Fogarty

Think Pink

Adam Leaman


David Howarth, Nick Steffner

Top of the Hill (School Store)

Advisor Needed

Union Hispana

Advisor Needed

Women for Women International

Elizabeth Berberich

Women in Technology

Asha VonLiebtag, Steffner

Word (Poetry)

Liz Buettner, Rose McCauley

Verve (School Newspaper)

Irina Itriyeva

Video Game Club

Bill O'Regan

Video Club

Carlos Garcia

Yearbook (The Top)

John Kratch (editor)

Young Democrats

David Howarth Jennifer Schultz

Young Republicans

John Kratch


Irina Itriyeva