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Dr. Lauren Banker

Principal, Washington School

Dr. Lauren Banker has served as Washington Elementary School Principal for the past 18 years. Under her leadership, Washington School has continued to thrive as a warm, child-centered, learning environment in which the parents and teachers collaborate for the benefit of each student. Dr. Banker sees herself as a teacher and a learner and she works with the staff to keep abreast of cutting edge instruction so students can benefit from the very best practices existing in the world of education.

Before coming to Summit, Dr. Banker served as a teacher in Paramus, New Jersey and a vice principal in Kinnelon, New Jersey. Dr. Banker studied Spanish at Skidmore College before earning three Master's Degrees in teaching, literacy and administration from University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers University respectively. She recently earned an EdD in Education Leadership at Caldwell University. Dr. Banker is also a mother to two children, 1 in middle school and 1 in high school.


"We Give Respect, We Take Responsibility, We Show Pride"

Washington School is home to approximately 350 students in first through fifth grade, as well as more than 50 staff members. As a diverse community, we value our assortment of cultures, strengths and interests. We seek to learn from our differences but we also stand together in kinship. This neighborhood school hosts lively events to connect home and school and boasts an active and supportive PTO, which welcomes all families to join forces with school personnel to champion our children.

A community of learners, Washington School teachers and students feel an urge to study in the quest to grow personally and collectively. Teachers reflect on their practice and seek learning experiences such as staff development, conferences and reading professional literature. As a result, teachers implement cutting edge instructional practices and students receive of the moment learning opportunities. Washington School teachers are leaders in their field, as our school serves as a model of excellence for many other districts to visit and emulate. Washington School students understand the joy of setting and meeting goals as students are appropriately challenged to meet their potentials. Preparing for careers that do not yet exist, students practice 21st century proficiencies such as collaborating, negotiating, creating, researching and expressing ideas through multi-media. Lessons are designed to engage all learners and students are active agents in their growth.

Just as Washington School is strong academically, we understand that our children need well-rounded experiences including citizenship, world language, physical education and the arts. We meet these needs through integrated studies as well as through enriching experiences. Students take classes, engage in residency experiences and can choose to participate in after school enrichment to fulfill all their interests.



Academic Activities

  • Annual Schoolwide Goal
  • Family Math
  • Family Science
  • Family Technology
  • Field Trips
  • TREP$
  • Readers' Theater

The Arts

  • Cultural Arts Program
  • Family Fun Night
  • Chorus / Orchestra / Band
  • Art in the Classroom
  • School Play
  • Anti-Bullying Programs
  • Gardening Opportunities

Extra Curricular

  • Fifth Grade Fiesta
  • After School Activities
  • Food donations for the local food pantry
  • Various Service Projects
  • Multicultural Dance
  • Country Fair
  • Book Fair
  • Hispanic Heritage
  • Hispanic Family Nights